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Trope Talk: Dragons

#Literary Analysis #drake #Myths #trope talk #Education
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Dragons! They're big, they're scaly, they're legendary! But how deep does the wyrmhole go?
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Red: "one who stares"
Me: So, cats?
Also Red: Yes, cats!

by Lesh4537 5 hours ago

Lysanderoth: A fine video indeed. King Dragon sends his regards.

by IAmEvilTree 7 hours ago

"Dragon isn't a specific type of creature, it's a category, like fairy or demon"

That's honestly the best way I've heard it put. I've definitely gotten into debates with people who insist that "wyverns aren't dragons" like there was ANY kind of universally agreed upon definition for the term.

Edit: And here comes the "well actually" crowd. Seriously folks, it's such a pointless hill to die on.

by Jack Carlson 5 hours ago

Dragons: "Hell yeah!"
Spider Dragon: "Jesus Christ, how horrifying!"

by RoachDoggJR 6 hours ago

“If you thought it was actually a curved, spiked club, it’s actually a fun sized dragon.”

And just when you thought Aztec mythology couldn’t get more metal, we get god wielding dragons as personal weapons

by Hfar 5 hours ago

Admit it, Red, you picked this topic just so you'd have an excuse to draw a bunch of sick-ass dragons, didn't you.

(Not that I'm complaining, mind.)

by Alycia Shedd 6 hours ago

"I'm punk, so I must rebel"
"I'm asian, so I must like math"
"I dye my hair crazy colors, so I must be looking for attention"
"I'm a dragon, so I must be defeated by a storm-god"

by BulldOwOzer 5 hours ago

So basically, throughout history humans collectively went “Hehe giant lizard”

by Stage play 7 hours ago

"Storm Gods vs Dragons is more universal than you think."

Remembers how the storm deity of my DnD campaign wrestled his Eastern Asian inspired dragon servant for nearly five hundred years straight before defeating the dragon, resulting in the dragon's servitude

Oh my god, I had this idea for MONTHS, I guess it's more ingrained in fantasy than I thought.

by Jude Fergusson 3 hours ago

Note on the Aboriginal Dragons:
The Rainbow Serpent is more an North & Eastern Australian (Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales) thing. However there are still some dragons/massive fuck you serpents elsewhere (it’s Australia, we have a lot of snakes). In the flinders ranges the Adnyamathanha peoples (of which I have a friend who is one) Specifically in Wilpena Pound (I visited it and stayed around a Snakes head) have a story. Wilpena pound is shaped in an oval and the myth goes 

‘Yurlu the Kingfisher was called to the Ikara/Flinders. And on the way make some dampa, over a big fire so he knew the way home. The fire was so big and bright it formed the coals of a now nearby mine. There he buried the dampa and continued on his way (Miners actually found something cool there, about the dampa, look it up). When he arrived there was a celebration, as the people had seen four bright stars rising. However it was an illusion. It was instead two Akurra, giant serpents (again, really cool as a Palentologist as we have found giant megafauna serpents around the time aboriginals arrived) had set out from Arrunha Akurra Awl (now covered by Aroona Dam) to travel south to Ikara (Wilpena Pound). The Akurra Valadupa(male and female) entered Ikara through Vira Warldu (Edeowie Gap) and camped at Akurra Awl, a large waterhole. When Yurlu the kingfisher arrived, the ceremony was well under way. Yurlu snatched the firestick from Walha the turkey and threw it up into the sky. This stick turned into the red star Wildu (Mars). The two Akurra came up on either side of the ceremonial ground in whirlwinds and caught and ate the people.
Only four escaped - the two initiates (Vardnapa ~ the new Vardnapa, and Yakamburu ~ the new Wilyaru), Walha the turkey and Yurlu the kingfisher. Walha and Yurlu flew off south and the two initiates fled eastwards, watched by the Akurra. The bodies of the two Akurra form the sides of Wilpena Pound.’

Sorry about the long post but yeah, I climbed to the top of one of the Akurra’s legs while there!

by Glitch Gaming 3 hours ago

Dragons: Exist

Storm Gods: So anyways, I started blasting-

by L Guffee 1 hours ago

Red: "Let's be real, the ultimate fusion of human primal fears would probably have a lot more spiders involved."
Now I want to create an offspring of Ancalagon and Ungoliant for the ultimate fear inducing monstrosity

by ArgentumFox 7 hours ago

Storm gods: exist
Literally every single dragon: Why do I hear boss music?

by Eagle 18101 4 hours ago

I mean, technically speaking, Iroh definitely fits Tolkein's definition. Central to the machinery and important to the themes of the story.

by Lord Scolipede 5 hours ago

Storm Gods: Finally, a worthy opponent. Our Battle Will be *Legendary*!

by Bishop 6 hours ago

Red, a person of culture: Dragons are not clearly morphologically defined

by PeanutXIX 5 hours ago

Red: "The girl is dating the Dragon..."

Me: "That sounds like a... Bad Dragon..."

by Griffin Ray 2 hours ago

An 18 minute video to explain humanity has been pulling the "Is this a pigeon" meme for generations, but with dragons.

by Just Some Guy with a Mustache 3 hours ago

What about the Ender Dragon?
It's made of squares.

by mew_the_pinkmin 6 hours ago

"Why are dragons so widespread?"
What you said + dinosaur fossils.

by bluELFsuma 1 hours ago

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