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PlayStation Plus Monthly Games - July 2020

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The free games that come with PlayStation Plus membership for July 2020 are blockbuster sequel Rise Of The Tomb Raider: 20 Year Anniversary, sports hit NBA 2K20, and cinematic narrative thriller Erica..
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I’ve held off on buying Rise of the Tomb Raider for a year because of the deeply held belief that it was the perfect PS Plus game and I was gonna get it for free. Today my patience paid off

by Flynn°-°94 1 week ago

The games are decent but they could’ve done way better for a 10 year anniversary.

by Moses Devadass 1 week ago

Love how NBA is free this month because noone bought it last month when they were selling it for £2 😂

by Scottch Mist 1 week ago

The 10th anniversary is like being at Christmas and you get a single pair of stockings.

by Tomas Giardullo 1 week ago

This is how Sony celebrate a 10 year anniversary? I feel sorry for anyone who purchased NBA 2K20 a few weeks ago for £2.99. A weak month, for sure.

by Dean Hannah 1 week ago

In july, a casino game with basketball on the side is coming to PS Plus.

by Lewis Price 1 week ago

Be honest. EA sports games are soulless cash grabs that haven't evolved in years. And sometimes are outright copies of the previous year's game.

by Sami Paju 1 week ago

NBA 2k20? It's honestly embarrassing even to give that game away for free.

by SinkingSail 1 week ago

For a 10 years anniversary, i thought they would give us playstation hits, such a waist

by Wagner Costa 1 week ago

I'm happy with tomb raider, and erica seems pretty nice. But I wish they would stop with the insert year here sports games. Especially 2k20 now, that game is a travesty in terms of it's microtransactions

by Brent Willems 1 week ago

For a 10 year anniversary this is so underwhelming.

by Tristan Hunt 1 week ago

Definitely not playing 2K lmao but I’ll give tomb raider a shot

by princesslukeia 1 week ago

Erica seems like a game my sister would enjoy. She's not the most coordinated but she can follow a storyline well. I'll pick it up for her. The other two are mine 😅

by Jordan Carrillo 1 week ago

"Huge sports Monster NBA 2K20" 😆. More like a huge slot machine

by Ajay Anand Venugopal 1 week ago

Very disappointing, rise of the tomb raider is the only good one, expected something bigger for this time

by TheWhispererTwd 1 week ago

I kinda disappointed, this is not the 10th anniversary gift i was expecting

by Canal do Zero 1 week ago

All NBA2k wants to eat is your wallet with micro-transactions

by RAYDDEN 1 week ago

Everybody on this planet: I am powered by food

EA Andrew Wilson: I am powered by MTX

by Heyo Jayo 1 week ago

It s summer, and I was expecting something better for 10th year, something spectacular, I think I will go play outside now and let the ps4 alone

by GabiTzU -_- 1 week ago

"My Career, My League, My GM and My-crotransactions" - 2K20

by Oisin Staines 1 week ago

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