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ALL BOSS WEAPONS and Boss Locations in Fortnite

#boss locations #the yacht #skye #tntina new location #Gaming
Mythic Weapon Showcase of all New Bosses in Fortnite Season 2. How to find Keycards for all Vaults..
★TNTina NEW Location - https://youtu.be/B8NgS9NZp6s
★Meowsclese NEW Location - https://youtu.be/z0bD4EfTNV8
All Bosses Drop a Mythic Weapon and the Vault keycard)
Brutus (The Grotto / Minigun) 00:12
Meowscles (The Yacht / Peow Peow Rifle) 01:51
Skye (The Shark / Assault Rifle) 04:25
TNTina (The Rig / Ka-Boom Bow) 07:39
Midas (The Agency / Drum gun) 09:42
★ All Boss Locations ★ https://bit.ly/all-bosses
★ Deadpool Challenges ★ https://bit.ly/deadpool-fortnite

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randomChievos photo 1 ALL BOSS WEAPONS and Boss... randomChievos photo 2 ALL BOSS WEAPONS and Boss... randomChievos photo 3 ALL BOSS WEAPONS and Boss... randomChievos photo 4 ALL BOSS WEAPONS and Boss...

★TNTina NEW Location -
★Meowsclese NEW Location -

Brutus (The Grotto / Minigun)
Meowscles (The Yacht / Peow Peow Rifle)
Skye (The Shark / Assault Rifle)
TNTina (The Rig / Ka-Boom Bow)
Midas (The Agency / Drum gun)

All Boss Locations

by randomChievos 9 months ago

This is great! Very helpful to have them all together in one video. Love the cinematics too 😊👍

by Kw0my 9 months ago

Third and great vid btw thanks 👍

by EpicWolfz 9 months ago

The cinematics just BOOOOM!!

by shaeer1104 2 months ago

Could have eliminate midas faster if u aimed for the head smh

by Lavacakes08 8 months ago

Good job for they cenemattic

by bajou yo 7 months ago

you have to shoot the cameras so that they don’t detect you

by patty 5 months ago

7.14 did not even take the crate what A bot 🤣🤣🤣

by fuzzy fruits r 6 months ago

Every time I land there is more than one and I die before I can get near a bench man I hate this challenge

by Peter Wright 7 months ago

Why did you not get the grappler and whole vault

by Sheila Zezza 7 months ago

players in 2022: only OGs remeber Midas drum gun

by Shadow Midas 1 month ago

She isn’t appearing for me. Not sure why?

by Pro Zesty 7 months ago

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