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The top 300 Fortnite Fails, WTF Moments & Random/Funny Moments!
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This video is a montage of our favorite Fortnite Fails and Funny Moments from episode 90-99 of our Fortnite series! Over 150+ hours of work went into editing these 10 episodes so we wanted to take a look at some of the best moments from that work. Thank you so much for your amazing support on this series and thank you to everyone who submitted their clips to take part in this series! We hope you'll enjoy this video :)
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🎮 Due to YouTube’s character limit there was not enough room to list everyone featured in the description. Check out the original episodes for more information on the featured players, Episode 90: https://bit.ly/34lZaEK
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Red Arcade photo 1 TOP 300 FUNNIEST FAILS IN... Red Arcade photo 2 TOP 300 FUNNIEST FAILS IN... Red Arcade photo 3 TOP 300 FUNNIEST FAILS IN... Red Arcade photo 4 TOP 300 FUNNIEST FAILS IN...

Thanks for watching everybody! Which moment was your favorite? :)
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by Red Arcade 7 months ago

My whole fortnite career is a compilation of fails, so this video really hits close to home...

by Tempest 7 months ago

Thanos must have snapped him out of existence

by Ke'Shawn Brown 6 months ago

We have removed the following skin due to a bug: Stoneheart

by The_Boi 6 months ago

When that low 20% came up I thought that was mine lol

by Toliet paper Oof 5 months ago

To every fortnite player or just everyone in general: don't let ur dreams be dreams

by Zapsticks 5 months ago

actually got me even though im on pc XD

by Richard Dame 2 months ago

happened to me it was bs

by OMEGA 7 months ago

Disturbed, down with the sickness

by Blackmore 7 months ago

“ I thought I was dead”

That player: * oh, I don’t think so....*

by Leon Radomski 7 months ago

I watched to the end and i didnt know that was a 40 minutes video

by Djamel Azeroual 5 months ago

once i was being chased and hid behind a door. it worked and i dabbed on the noob. many of these remind me of that moment, i love it

by Kenny of Robloxia 3 months ago

I like the fact that the clip with the banana falling to death one of their names is cyber dragon is that a Yu-Gi-Oh refrence?

by Rapture King06 7 months ago

All the kids if fortnite introduced solo voice chat

by RoanRockz0789 6 months ago

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