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Trump’s “White Power” Tweet Stayed Up Because He Was Busy Golfing

Reflect photo 1 Trump’s “White Power” Tweet Stayed... Reflect photo 2 Trump’s “White Power” Tweet Stayed... Reflect photo 3 Trump’s “White Power” Tweet Stayed... Reflect photo 4 Trump’s “White Power” Tweet Stayed...

I dunno, there's been a lot of dog whistling. He's either THAT dumb or he's signaling to his racist base because he's panicking about the polls.

by winter snow 1 months ago

My dear, he wasn’t “playing” golf... he was CHEATING at golf. 😘⛳️

by Lynette Byrnes 1 months ago

I wish I could say that he only needs a monitor or handler, but he truly needs a full time caretaker - - like many dementia patients, he doesn't think there's anything wrong with him !!!

by Carol Williams 1 months ago

Ken and Karen were living out their Survivalist fantasies. No 'rapture' for you two.

by Derek Currie 1 months ago

Brendan is enjoying this too much lol

by TEMUJIN ARTS 1 months ago

"Ken & Karen"...?!?

Why not, ...
"Ken & Barbie"?!?

Oh,...wait,...right, because of trademark issues... my bad!!!

by Jerry Rodriguez 1 months ago

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