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What the HELL is Caroline? (A TERRIBLE Coraline Ripoff)

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This is one of the WORST RIPOFFS I have ever seen. Why ripoff Coraline?! LEAVE IT ALONE!!!.
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No joke, this one really hurt to watch lmao

by Saberspark 1 week ago

And that’s the reason why Coraline hated when people called her Caroline.

by Neon Noodle 1 week ago

And this is why the other mother wanted to keep Coraline so she wouldn't find out about Caroline

by Fishy Kitty 6 days ago

My therapist: “SaberKrabs isn’t real, he can’t hurt you.”


by J. C. 3 days ago

So, just fact checking: Anxela's biography is not in Spanish but in Galician.

by drttyu liqm 5 days ago

This video is basically:
"Mom can we have coraline?"
"We have coraline at home."
Edit: yall calm down i-

by iipinkblossoms BG 6 days ago

The worst part that Coraline actually hated when people called her Caroline

by Erwin Rommel 1 week ago

Writers: are from Spain
Title: Is in Spanish
Saberspark: is this portuguese?

by _Chlorine 5 days ago

"Brujerías" is Spanish. The "je" is pronounced similar to "hen" without the "n", and it sounds like "Broo-he-ree-as". Best that I can explain without any form of audio

by How2_ Start 5 days ago

Mr Bobinsky: "Caraline!“ waves, jumps but actually lands on her

by Jacob Vallely 1 day ago

“It was like looking into the eyes of God and then satan.”

I thought “Emperors New Clothes” was a great song though...

by Starfall Entertainment 6 days ago

Saber trying to say "Brujerías" Is the cutest thing ever

by NamikoTC 1 week ago

I can translate. I speak a lot of Spanish


SPANISH for witchcraft.

by Federal 2000 6 days ago

Fun fact: the original writer of Coraline was originally going to name her Caroline, but he misspelled her name to Coraline and ended up liking that more.

This movie is from an alternative universe where the author didn’t change her name.

by Mike 2 days ago

This doesn’t seem to be a ripoff, just slightly similar character design. I mean, it’s a bad movie, but it’s not a rip off at all.

Even if there was a Coraline “rip off,” the movie is based on a children’s novel by Neil Gaiman. Another movie made following the book would be similar, but it wouldn’t be a rip off unless they replicated the differences between the book and the 2009 film. You couldn’t really say movies adapted from the same book were copies of each other, if there was. This movie doesn’t appear to be that way either, though.

by Please set me on fire 5 days ago

Fun fact: when Neil Gaiman was writing the book Coraline, he misspelled the name Caroline but kept it because it sounded interesting and he wanted to know what would happen to her. Sorry to see that the name Caroline went to the name of this mess instead

by Nikki Narwhale 6 days ago

Everybody who loves Coraline: It’s so scary!!
Everybody who hates Coraline: It’s too scary!!
Everybody who read the book before the movie came out: it wasn’t scary enough...

by Kate Hucks 1 week ago

The Snails are rip-offs of the Slugs from Flushed Away.

by ByChris Channel 6 days ago

This doesn't really feel much like a Coraline ripoff tbh.

by Kameron Tive 4 days ago

"Mom can we get coraline?"
Mom: "we have Coraline at home."
The Coraline at home:

by Кyne • 103 4 days ago

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