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Defcon 19: DIY Non-Destructive-Entry

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Probably the most casual talk I've ever given. From Defcon 19.

Schuyler Towne photo 1 Defcon 19: DIY Non-Destructive-Entry Schuyler Towne photo 2 Defcon 19: DIY Non-Destructive-Entry Schuyler Towne photo 3 Defcon 19: DIY Non-Destructive-Entry Schuyler Towne photo 4 Defcon 19: DIY Non-Destructive-Entry

Unfortunately, every time I have been in handcuffs, the cops have already taken my beer....

by John Moore 6 years ago

Due to the differences in carbonation (pressure), soda cans are thicker walled. The take away? If you find yourself locked in handcuffs, ask your captors for a soda instead of a beer.

by alextensity 1 year ago

"dont pick a lock you rely on" but do pick a lock you intend to rely on

by tyler roberts 2 years ago

As we all know, locking systems only keep our friends out.

by Steve Waclo 1 year ago

Did you find the person that decided not to use the Ace II in the Kryptonight locks that you said you will in this video?

by John S 1 year ago

You are an incredibly good speaker. Thanks for doing the talk!

by Jon Tan 6 years ago

One of the most challenging talks at DEFCON is how to change your windshield wipers.

Also, removing windshield wipers on a rainy morning is a terrible thing to do to a neighbor you actually hate.

by Stephen Gillie 1 year ago

Great stuff! Been locksmithing for a few years now, and I remember watching this vid when i first started. ive used several of these techniques throughout the years, especially overlifting on cars using key blanks

by Prime Locksmith Mobile Service 5 years ago

Thanks.. So interesting and learnt a little of locks :) First defcon talk, totally awesome

by kilaleca 7 years ago

Did he ever discover the name of the person who decided to switch to using the well known inferior locks?!

by Larry Manns 1 year ago

im a old "pen tester . i had no out of jail card . so i study , lock pic. is for your sisters diary . a small p- kit i carry . your Brian is the ultimate tool . and hard to come by .. good lock

by rex LARSEN 1 year ago

Metal hair clips also make great handcuff shims.

by David Miller 1 year ago

for kid who has ever had a bike stolen you should release the Kyptonite guys name.

by Brett Zajac 1 year ago

This was a wonderful defcon video. You're one of the few speakers I've enjoyed listening to. Thanks, and subbed.

by Ryan 10 months ago

This guy was incredibly fun to listen to.
I watched this right after I watched Thomas Ryan.
Night and day.

by Michael W. Dean 1 year ago

I'm bored of being a machinist, i'd like to retrain as a self employed Locksmith. BTW i think if you really need to keep something safe is a deep hole in a quiet place, Pirates and Robbers have been for hundreds of years and still are doing it this way. A Lock attracts attention, the bigger the Lock the bigger the attention.

by Jason Clark 1 year ago

This was one of my favorite Defcon talks this year! I cant wait for my kickstarter presents.

by papervaulter 9 years ago

Wish i knew this back before internet days. I lost my keys for a lock like that. Though the key was hard to get to work anyways.

by SakkyWakky 1 year ago

Excellent presentation! You're a very entertaining man. Kudos and thanks for sharing all the outstanding information.

by CaptainCrichton 9 years ago

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