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11 Mysterious Videos That Cannot Be Explained

Slapped Ham photo 1 11 Mysterious Videos That Cannot... Slapped Ham photo 2 11 Mysterious Videos That Cannot... Slapped Ham photo 3 11 Mysterious Videos That Cannot... Slapped Ham photo 4 11 Mysterious Videos That Cannot...

I’m thirsty but now I’m too scared to leave my bed.....

by LiNX 4 2 years ago

If ghosts are real and dogs can see them, we need cameras which have the exact same visible light wave length as dogs have!

by Master Ed 7 months ago


by SpongeBob is fat 6 months ago

Not to self: never pick shit from the floor and put them back on shelves when shopping!

by Deadliest One 10 months ago

I usually laugh at these but the woman in the toy store freaked me out.

by Amanda Maxeiner 9 months ago

It’s all fun and games until it’s time to go to BED

by Snitch 1 year ago

ok so that Elisa Lam case has me baffled for years ... a question that never seems to be asked is why arent the elevator doors closing> the entire time they stay open even after she pushes all the buttons. I usually end up fighting with elevator doors to stay open. Is there someone in the hall holding the elevator call button? Its creepy ass footage from the first time I saw it, its certainly a mystery that needs to be revealed.
thanks slapped ham <3

by PhyshandAnna 9 months ago

I don’t know what freaks me out more…this video or being quarantined another month.

by JoAnn Bowman 9 months ago

Moral of the story: don't leave your house

by Limey 8 months ago

When something falls off the shelf I will not be picking it up :)

by Arturo Llamas 6 months ago

moral of the story: don't go to hotels, don't go to China, dont buy 360p cameras

by Fatima Sommer 1 year ago

Everybody gangsta until u gotta go sleep

by Breezy2k 9 months ago

the most scary thing about this video is that they've written "11 mysterious videos" and not 10

by aditi verma 8 months ago

Are we totally sure that that clip of the Chinese woman being “possessed” wasn’t a staged skit for a hidden camera show?

by Mizitly 4 months ago

Guy in lab coat just looks like a drunk guy crossing the street and is too drunk to realize he almost died

by Jo Youngblood 4 months ago

sooo the GHOST needed the door to be opened in order to get out of the room...
what a lame ghost

by Facepalm Jesus 1 year ago

I'm alone at home .And I think I'm scared guys

by john obudho 5 months ago

never gonna pick up something that fell in a store anymore-

by chaeerrii x 4 months ago

I have never seen an elevator door stay open for that long in my life! Usually a couple of seconds after you press a button it closes.

by Christopher Panossian 4 months ago

Repeat after me... I am covered and protected by the blood of Jesus

by S. 3 months ago

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