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Mike Perry UFC Fighter Knocks Out Old Man at A Bar (FULL VIDEO)

Squidrito photo 1 Mike Perry UFC Fighter Knocks... Squidrito photo 2 Mike Perry UFC Fighter Knocks... Squidrito photo 3 Mike Perry UFC Fighter Knocks... Squidrito photo 4 Mike Perry UFC Fighter Knocks...

Somewhere, there is always a screaming girl that makes the situation worse and escalates it.

by Gorgeous George 2 months ago

If the face tats, muscles, cauliflower ears & fight island t-shirt weren't enough warnings.. you deserve what's coming

by ReasonExtremist 2 months ago

Take notes mcgregor, thats how you KO an old man

by Valk 1 month ago

Mike Perry should be the main character of a GTA game

by Zaki Bossman 2 months ago

2-0 with his new corner woman by his side .

by 905 Flips 2 months ago

I mean... the fat old guy kind of had it coming.

I'm gonna let it slide.

by Michael France 2 months ago

He sounds like Adam Sandler. “Oh you didn’t touch meeeee”.

by Jeff T 2 months ago

My guess is the old guy won’t ever run up on someone at the bar ever again 🤷‍♂️

by Serpico 2 months ago

Old man put his hands on him, had it coming 🤷‍♂️

by Grant 2 months ago

UFC fighters at bars: “how many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man??”

by DABAUSSS 2 months ago

The old guy was annoying, why are you mocking Mike Perry and repeating what he said? Are you 12 or 65 years old? Old man was acting tough for his own good. Mock a man, follow him outside, then rush him wanting to fight....what do you expect?

by AdenosineTriFighter 2 months ago

never say “I’d like to see you do it”. to someone that is angry and knows how to throw hands.

by Levi McDaniel 2 months ago

“Marijuana is dangerous and should be illegal”. *every guy in his 30’s after 3 beers and a shot of whiskey

by T G 2 months ago

He asked for it. You don't defuse a situation with a raging drunken person by mocking them and acting tough.

by ZOMBiE 2 months ago

Old dude really tried to take him though

by Max Kellerman 2 months ago

In my opinion, if someone says “do it” or “id like to see you try” and they get knocked out that’s 100 percent their fault.

by Zach Zach 2 months ago

This isn’t as bad as Conor’s incident though, Conor’s was unprovoked assault whereas Mike was defending himself and was being provoked...

by Sly_Spirit 2 months ago

when the catholic priest tells your parents you are just making up stories

by DawnFreeze 2 months ago

That old man shouldn’t have done that. Mike was already outside and hands by his side. The man mocked and approached him !
Shame he had to get knocked the fu&£ out like but he wasn’t innocent in this either

by Social Hand Grenade 2 months ago

"Did you touch me? OOOHHHHHHH YOU DIDN'T TOUCH ME?!?!?!!!!??!" Lmfao I love Mike Perry hahahaha

by Tyler Martyanik 2 months ago

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