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*SEASON 9* LOOT! BLACKJACK *21* Card Game! *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite

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Today in Fortnite Creative we play BLACK JACK for LOOT in Fortnite Battle Royale!
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#kids #Fortnite blackjack #fortnite 21 #Fortnite

SSundee photo 1 *SEASON 9* LOOT! BLACKJACK *21*... SSundee photo 2 *SEASON 9* LOOT! BLACKJACK *21*... SSundee photo 3 *SEASON 9* LOOT! BLACKJACK *21*... SSundee photo 4 *SEASON 9* LOOT! BLACKJACK *21*...

This is how many times Ssundee will say Mommy while doing the Glitter Emote

by Bxssmxn 1 year ago

Who is watching this during Chapter 2, Season 3? XD Trust me, I am a weird person :/
Edit: Why you like my comment? I am a weird person.
Edit 2: Ssundee, come back to Roblox.
Edit 3: Please stay safe!

by DaggerRBLX 5 months ago

Whoโ€™s waiting for the wheel to say โ€œdislikeโ€?

by Br4c3R 7 months ago

Do you remember...

Dolphin Dom
Gold actual

If u remember all of them like this

by Karim Wael 1 year ago

Iโ€™ve been looking for this video for 2 hours just for the โ€œ21โ€™โ€™

by Xanderelle Sega 7 months ago

Please do your old combo with boogies, shockwaves, and clingers

by Matthew Savage 2 days ago

Ian saying a lot of mummy but end up not meeting her in the vid

by ksls 21 2 weeks ago

If your an OG
Whatโ€™s better ?


by JasCool Gaming 1 year ago

score card videos are my fav

by reubantom 4 months ago

When did comment sections become a frickin calendar

by Knight Lahoud 3 months ago

After all these years, You finally have a green screen

by Dont Lickk 1 year ago

this is the only time I ever saw sundee not get shockwaves

by Abraham Sragowicz 1 month ago

Realizing sundee didnโ€™t take shockwaves

by Dareplayz 101 5 months ago

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