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Know Your Rights Seminar: Police Encounters

By Attorney Stephen Stubbs
(702) 493-1040

Stephen P. Stubbs photo 1 Know Your Rights Seminar: Police... Stephen P. Stubbs photo 2 Know Your Rights Seminar: Police... Stephen P. Stubbs photo 3 Know Your Rights Seminar: Police... Stephen P. Stubbs photo 4 Know Your Rights Seminar: Police...

As a former Police Officer of 26 yrs, trust me dont talk to the police under any circumstances.

by Masked Bringer 10 months ago

Cops shouldnโ€™t be able to lie to you period. If they are legally allowed to lie to you, you should be able to lie to them without being charged if caught doing so

by Iโ€™m smarter then u r So 4 months ago

many police officers don't give a damn about the oath to the Constitution

by LittleBluesBox 4 months ago

"Police can lie to you with impunity"
"Police are illegally threatening business owners"
Yeah... this system isn't broken at all.

by Xersys 10 months ago

In 1990 I was in a gay bar in St Louis watching a drag show. Police raided the bar and arrested everyone. I was taken to police headquarters, handcuffed to a desk and beaten about the head.
They made up a phony charge about me being a prostitute. I was a college student at the time so money was tight. But it cost me over $1000 to hire a lawyer and plead it to a lesser charge. The lawyer advised to plead guilty to a lesser charge because at that time no pocket recording devices existed. My word against theirs.
I will never trust any cop as long as I live.

by Doug N 2 years ago

I thought that statue on the left side was a real dude and I was thinking that whole time damn I would hate to be that guy

by Krispy Toast 2 years ago

Always remember the goal of Cops is to build a case against you - not to help you - EVEN IF YOU ARE INNOCENT! Keep your mouth shut

by Sutterjack 10 months ago

What good is knowing you rights when you encounter a law enforcement officer who doesn't know? And then conjures up a fantasy to defend their illegal actions, get their superiors, as well as company attorneys to sign off on it, then they ALL go to court and knowingly lie? If I'm correct that's a corrupt organization. Isn't it?

by bignardo95 2 years ago

A good lawyer knows the law a great lawyer knows the judge

by Mike Oxlong 1 year ago

I think it's great that this information is getting out there to more more and more people.

by Jack Sparrow 2 years ago

Thank You Attorney Stubbs! This is VERY helpful; much appreciated.

by CaboWabo70517 2 years ago

The people on PD Live never watch these lectures.

by mary shaffer 10 months ago

When you encounter a cop your rights are suspended. You have no rights beyond what the man with the gun chooses to grant you. Rights are for judges and and lawyers to argue about. This is not the way it should be but the way it is. This is true everywhere throughout history.

by TheScholar74 2 years ago

Stephen Stubbs do you have any information on a lawyer in Texas that practices law the way you do?

by Luigi's tv 2 years ago

"It's a beautiful thing when our laws give us more protection against our government instead of less."

by villagelightsmith 2 years ago

They had me pinned up for a bunch of bogus charges because i turned walmart employee's in and the evidence was recorded when they arrested me and decided to try and intimidate me by keeping me in a cell for 2days before bringing me in front a judge to be released. So they kept trying to access my phone and when it came time for me to make a call to let my wife and kids know whats going on they still tried to use it to get into my phone. Which i said i would do it and get the number they did not have access to look in my phone and it was to be powered off. So eventually they gave up, but i still think they got into it and tried to delete the recordings but were unsuccessful because its a old phone so it didn't work like modern phones and i never labeled it was just dates sot he files that i believe to be missing were recordings my daughter made when she was playing. I could have recovered any of the deleted files anyway but thats not the point. They did alot of other illegal stuff as well lol.. That was in Ny state though.; Be aware at least in most places unless you have been arrested or detained which is a arrest, In order for your rights to work and not be a admission of guilt you must make it clear and belligerent much like in court to keep your rights.

Lol the next time i run into the cops whether its because i'm standing outside my brothers house waiting or what, I'm going to pull that lil ditty and sing a Broadway number... lol

by King Katura 10 months ago

They can lawfully search you and your car for nothing more than a standard traffic stop and no other crimes or suspicion, thatโ€™s insane!

by Luke Teel 4 months ago

I don't trust the police ever! PERIOD! When they stop you they assume you are a criminal. In any conversation you have with the police, no matter how innocent he/she sounds, that cop is fishing. That cop is trying to get you to say something they can use to arrest you. I will produce my driver's license, registration and proof of insurance. At that point I say nothing more.

by Ricardo roams 2 years ago

Those high notes broke my phone screen... Damn you's, Mr Stubbs, damn you's-es-es to he- I'm just kidding.


by Insert Colorful Metaphor 2 years ago

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