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선미 (SUNMI) - 보라빛 밤 (pporappippam) Music Video

선미 SUNMI photo 1 선미 (SUNMI) - 보라빛 밤... 선미 SUNMI photo 2 선미 (SUNMI) - 보라빛 밤... 선미 SUNMI photo 3 선미 (SUNMI) - 보라빛 밤... 선미 SUNMI photo 4 선미 (SUNMI) - 보라빛 밤...

I love how this song just feels like the color purple

by plop blop 1 week ago

I'm convinced that Sunmi is her own genre and style, she doesn't sound like anyone else I've heard before

by Aseul tore 1 day ago

Someone once said, "Sunmi is like wine, the older she gets, the better she gets".

by Doyeon's Jawline 6 days ago

She looks really young even if she is almost in her 30 ‘s

by RegularArmy 2 days ago

I hate how Sunmi is only recognized for her visual, she's been writting and producing nearly all of her song after leaving jyp. She wrote this song by herself and share the production credit with only one producer.
I find this to be the best song she wrote so far, her production has improved so much since lalalay and pporappippam is just pure gold.
Sunmi's company, please promote her as a musician too!

by Minh Anh Nguyễn 4 days ago

She doesn't follow the trends, the trends follow her periodttttttttt.

by Aurora Park 1 week ago

I need Sunmi, Hyuna and Hwasa to make a song together, that trio would be so powerful
edit: and Chungha

by Marcela xx 5 days ago

The world needs Sunmi. She is the best like forever.

by Yalan Liu 4 days ago

People need to stop sleeping on Sunmi she deserves so much better

by 라나 4 days ago

Why tf does this song not have a miilion likes yet?!?!!

by Gephoenix110 1 day ago

Don’t sleep on SUNMI.

She already has that covered

Talented queen!

by uwu Chan 1 week ago

All of Sunmi's songs have this really unique vibe. She never disappoints!

by Jamie I 4 days ago

pporappippam: Purple
Heroine: Blue
Gashina: Red
Siren: Also purple
Noir: pink

We Stan a colourful queen

by Bloomie 2 days ago

Soy la única que piensa que las canciones de sunmi tienen un toque único y hace que de inmediato reconozcas que la canción es de ella?

by Jaqueline Vázquez 4 days ago

the dislike ones are those who don't like the purple nights

Thank for the likes :>

by charax_uwu ówò 4 days ago

One of the main reasons i like SUNMI is because she has her own style when it comes to music

by Itsme 1 week ago

I'm just saying that this song is a musical masterpiece.

by miko foin 5 days ago

This song sounds like a Anime-Disney princess like style

by olympia oppa 2 days ago

Ok, really we stan a queen. She's so talented. Never dissapoint.

by Silvia Echenique 1 day ago

Stop saying that Sunmi is a talented queen!I'm bored to like your comments

by G I 5 days ago

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