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Filmed & Edited by: tana mongeau & ieuan thomas (https://bit.ly/2X6b2ca).
animation by: VantoonTv
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instagram: https://goo.gl/VrsaRD
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Tana Mongeau photo 1 I WENT BRUNETTE (AND EVERYONE... Tana Mongeau photo 2 I WENT BRUNETTE (AND EVERYONE... Tana Mongeau photo 3 I WENT BRUNETTE (AND EVERYONE... Tana Mongeau photo 4 I WENT BRUNETTE (AND EVERYONE...

why is everyone lying to her this is the best she’s ever looked

by vampire lover 1 week ago

I’m disappointed in myself for adding to this view count

by krvnjrcbs 1 week ago

Are they joking... she’s never looked better. That color is amazing on her

by ecofriendlyhippie 1 week ago

I’m sorry but the old style of vlogging was so much better & this doesn’t feel like tana at all. Feels so staged, fake and all over the place

by Brooke Lewis 1 week ago

Am I the only one who likes brunette Tana😭

by Miah 1 week ago

So, even after EVERYTHING.... she still isn’t wearing a mask/not wearing her mask correctly? Even around people she doesn’t know. I don’t get it. :/

by SaraRose 1 week ago

Why are people only talking about her hair being “amazing” and no one about her being in a party not wearing a mask properly

by Johnny Orozco 1 week ago

I’m convinced everyone who is telling her it looks bad isn’t really her friend. It looks amazing and they know she was insecure about her natural hair color and made her feel bad ab it!!! She was GLOWING W THAT HAIR!!!

by R E D Q U E E N 1 week ago

Does CoVid just not exist to these people? Shame on y’all for potentially exposing at risk people through all your contact with each other for the sake of content, socializing and money

by noodlesplaylist 1 week ago

lol so even after the huge scandal we still wanna go out, party, and not wear a mask/social distance?

by alina _ 2 days ago

wtf is the point of wearing a mask when you have people around you if you only put it on your neck?

by Isa Shisha 1 week ago

do people actually like her as a human?

by ventrue 1 week ago

They all remind me of the “popular” kids in highschool who’s only personality trait was to be too loud and called teachers by the first name

by Moon 0215 1 week ago

All of your videos should just be titled “Rich People Problems”

by Paje Yoder 1 week ago

I can't imagine her face when she's 40

by ju lia 5 days ago

She looks like she has potential to be calm when she’s brunette...

by Emily Sullivan 19 hours ago

tana we're in the middle of a pandemic..,

by Jess 1 week ago

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