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John David Washington Plays 'Finish This Sentence!' The Rock, Rihanna, Bobby Fisher & More! | THR

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John David Washington joins The Hollywood Reporter for a round of Finish This Sentence! From Bobby Fisher to Rihanna check out the video to learn some little know facts about the 'Ballers' star!
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The Hollywood Reporter photo 1 John David Washington Plays 'Finish... The Hollywood Reporter photo 2 John David Washington Plays 'Finish... The Hollywood Reporter photo 3 John David Washington Plays 'Finish... The Hollywood Reporter photo 4 John David Washington Plays 'Finish...

My future husband (God I hope you're listening).

by Kimberly 2 years ago

So many similarities to his dad wow

by nguyant09 2 years ago

That hair cut and beard combo is the best thing for him.

by Trudy Rozani 1 year ago

John David is really trying to get husband’d up out here. I like his style. 😏

by A.C. No Green 2 years ago

He’s just simply wonderful. I hope he keeps this humility

by BleedsGreen86 2 years ago

DAMN, he sounds like his father! If any of them desperate writers and other workers at Hollywood who're desperate for remakes (specifically movies of Denzel's) there's your main actor.

by Yves Heinrich 2 years ago

My goodness looks like his beautiful mother sounds like his handsome father uniquely himself looking forward to your future John David 💜

by Pamela Johnson 1 year ago

So funny! I love him!

by jairob02 2 years ago

I’m so glad that it’s finally his turn. He has tried to avoid comparisons to his dad all his life, but I don’t think there is any scraping it. I hope he learns to embrace it and make it his own in this business.

by Loyda Santana 2 years ago

HE is beautiful! He laughs like his Dad too.

by Roselica Hall 2 years ago

I will be supporting John David by going to his movies as well as I have his Father's ( bought all those suckers too)! What a lovely man, brought up well! He was great in baller's and his new movie by Spike looks great!!

by Simply Complicated 2 years ago

Awe This man is beautiful inside and out!! I’m so glad seeing him flourish in the world

by arixtocratic lifestyle 2 years ago

Like father like son. Huh better add his Mother too😘. (He let Don Lemon know that. )

by susan jackson 2 years ago

He sounds like his dad, but looks a lot like his mother, but favors his father as well.

by Miss V 2 years ago

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