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Four Dimensional Maths: Things to See and Hear in the Fourth Dimension - with Matt Parker

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Matt Parker, comedian and mathematician, shows how four-dimensional shapes appear in a 3D world in this hands-on talk, featuring what is possibly the world's nerdiest knitted hat!
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Discover how to make love hearts from Mobius strips, 4D frames from drinking straws and pipe-cleaners, and other maths tricks in this entertaining talk by Matt Parker. Matt explains how to know when someone's throwing a 4D cubes at you and also what happens when your mum knits a three dimensional shadow of a four dimensional donut - to wear on your head, in this fun talk on the challenges of visualising the fourth dimension.
Matt Parker was an Australian school teacher before he moved to London where he works as a stand-up comedian and a maths communicator. He writes books, appears on radio programmes and TV shows, contributes to newspapers, makes school visits and gives live comedy shows.
This event took place at the Royal Institution on Tuesday 27 January 2015.
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The Royal Institution photo 1 Four Dimensional Maths: Things to... The Royal Institution photo 2 Four Dimensional Maths: Things to... The Royal Institution photo 3 Four Dimensional Maths: Things to... The Royal Institution photo 4 Four Dimensional Maths: Things to...

Do you have a sudden urge to knit your own Klein bottle hat? No worries, friend, we've got you covered -

by The Royal Institution 2 years ago

My mom is pretty cool because when I said, โ€œHey, that recycling symbol is a 3 turn mobius loop,โ€ she actually said that that was cool instead of just not caring like my friends.

by Alexis Harper 7 months ago

"youre solving a 4D rubiks cube, on a 3D world, on a 2D screen, blowing your 1D mind."

by Denmart Orlanda 2 years ago

I'm 26 and learning to tie my shoes. What have I done with my life.

by christian williams 6 months ago

"Someone is throwing 4D cubes at you."
"Pointy end first"
"I'd recommend running."

"Maybe wear a hat."

by Mark Metcalfe 3 years ago

"I'm standing over a national treasure. Look at the water! The world's first electric motor was demonstrated here. I made a heart!"


by Barry J. Burns 1 year ago

"Use arguments to solve arguments." Top tier joke; not one person laughs. :(

by glenm99 1 year ago

i actually just watched this whole thing without realizing it.... I walked into this being like, (looks at title) oh, ok, cool, this sounds fun, (looks at 1 hr timer) oooohh, ok, maybe not, uhm, maybe we'll just skip around, I'll probably get bored at some point and click off anyway.
Suddenly -- "and im going to finish there, thank you all very much" and im thinking wait, what? it's over? did I just watch that whole thing? Did I really just sit here FOR AN HOUR, OMFG, HOWWWWTAF.

by Blue C. Lupei 3 years ago

I mean Faraday would probably approve... any scientist worth their salt would approve of ruining their desk for science reasons

by Bastian_5 1 year ago

"4D Glass, very expensive," has to be the best line so far this millennia.

by Steve MetalHammer 1 year ago

I love his pride in his nerdiness about the beer can.

Long live the nerds!

by Making with Matt 1 year ago

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that his name is literally Math?

by smallHead 11 months ago

"If you're solving that you're in so much trouble!"
Matt's a teacher, he knows. There's always that one kid in class...

by Hilfigertout 9 months ago

Matt: Mobius Loop
Me: fREaKy CIrCLe

by Robert Kidd 6 months ago

"The world's first electric motor was demonstrated right here! I made some hearts..."

by Hopeless Kowinski 2 years ago

"You can use arguments to solve arguments" ... <DEAD SILENCE>

by Mustang 3 years ago

This is a wonderful lecture. I thoroughly enjoyed it as an adult; as a child I would have been spellbound.

by Learning It Quietly 2 years ago

This guy is soo entertaining.. lol
Followed him here after Numberphile <3

by ninjaong87 3 years ago

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