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10 SCARY Discoveries Found Buried Underground!

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I don’t often stop and think about what could be underneath me, do you? I am too busy living my life above ground to stop and think: oh, hey, I wonder what is buried under this road or under my house. It turns out though, there are a lot of things hidden in the earth that have been forgotten for centuries and sometimes even millenia! In today’s video we are talking about the 10 Scary Discoveries Found Buried Underground..
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The Supreme photo 1 10 SCARY Discoveries Found Buried... The Supreme photo 2 10 SCARY Discoveries Found Buried... The Supreme photo 3 10 SCARY Discoveries Found Buried... The Supreme photo 4 10 SCARY Discoveries Found Buried...

The “Siberian unicorn” looks more like a wooly rhinoceros to me

by Nightsong Studios 9 months ago

💙🕊️ If you're reading this your Loved and deserve the best in the world 🕊️💙

by Eman Paul 10 months ago

Number 2:
“ no signs of a virus have been found”


by Star Mya 7 months ago

At least we all know that miles deep in2 the earth's crust hot lava does exist ...

by Thomas Vetor 10 months ago

Me: Looks at fatberg
Also me: who the f would do this

by Che3sE Puuf 8 months ago

the unicorn you were talking about is a baby rino

by Gavin McNee 2 days ago

A rhino is a unicorn out of shape, change my mind.

by CzythI 10 months ago

What did you just say that hole is the door to hell get me in there with my holy water and my flip flops to beat up karen

by welp itssuanly9 8 months ago

Whenever I am the tiredest I can be I'll sit down and watch your videos.

by TheGamingTyran1954 10 months ago

The 1 one on Azzyland's YouTube channel she watched it

by Crystal Light 10 months ago

The Chinese Emperor had terracotta soldiers buried with him because he wanted his own army to serve him in his afterlife. Looks like the video creator never took history in school XD

by Coelancanth 5 months ago

NoT cUtE at aLl
DuH iTs bC iT lOoKs CuTe To Me BoI Xd

by • Melodiq • 5 months ago

Supreme: Fun fact, it was also puvan that actor ....... keeps going
Me: i have puuved something there!

by MyDogRox! 10 months ago

Can we not necessesarily call them scary because it's honestly shocking but do we need to be scared about it?

by Alistair Rodand 10 months ago

Imagine having a 7 and a half mile deep hole next to your house

by AsterLight 9 months ago

Hey dude, I really love your videos and I hope you’re having an amazing day

by Eye Taker 10 months ago

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