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My Girlfriend, My Best Friend and the Barfy Beach Date

TheOdd1sOut photo 1 My Girlfriend, My Best Friend... TheOdd1sOut photo 2 My Girlfriend, My Best Friend... TheOdd1sOut photo 3 My Girlfriend, My Best Friend... TheOdd1sOut photo 4 My Girlfriend, My Best Friend...

James: “It’s not Jaiden and it never was be Jaiden”
Shippers: no, it can’t be.

by Goose 2 days ago

James: Its not Jaiden... It never will be.

Everyone: sus.

by Alice Sweeney 2 days ago

Guys stop asking who his girlfriend is, you wouldn't know her, shes goes to a another school.

by Zebeylin 2 weeks ago

James: "Girlfriend"
Fans: "Impossible"

James: "It's not impossible and it never was."

by 15k Subs Without Video 1 day ago

Me: hears he has a girlfriend

Also me: immediately looks at the comments

by Daniel Meikle 3 days ago

"Shipping real people is not okay"

DreamSMP and spanish streamers fujoshis: Sorry I don't speak wrong

by Konan 1 day ago

plot twist: James’s gf is the moose that grabbed his hips at the furry convention

by Ellie Grace 2 weeks ago

Dang my ship just died.

💔 Rip Elephant x James 💔

Its ok guys we'll get through it soon...

by alayna margaret 3 days ago

James x Jaiden shippers: Exist

James: I’m bout to end these people’s whole career!

by WeAreNumber15 3 days ago

Wait it's not Jaiden?

James: Never has been.

by Unknown 1 day ago

Don’t ask who his girlfriend is I mean it’s not your life in all if he doesn’t want to he doesn’t have to...but I’m happy he did this video 🐈 also the dogs look cute

by Pig Master 1 day ago

why didn't you just tell them I'M your girlfriend DUDE

by Infamous Swoosh 2 weeks ago

James: it’s not ok to ship real life people who their own lives and relationships

Larry stylinson shippers: SWEATING INTENSIFIES in a cool way

by Jaxonell Belurin 2 days ago


James: "it's not Jaiden, and it never was Jaiden"

the comments: "It's Jaiden"

Edit: thanks for the likes :))

Edit: additional meme cuz I want to:

It’s Jaiden.

No! James said it isn’t her, you should respect them!

It’s Jaiden.

y e s ~

by Cris _P8247 4 days ago

J - just

A - a

M - man

E - eating

S - soobuway

by Vihaan Sangar 3 days ago

The people the keep asking James "DO you like boys?" : Sees pansexual flag on his suitcase*.. *breathing intensifies

by Le Nocturnal 3 days ago

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