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10 Dark Secrets Hidden In Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

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Hotel Transylvania 3 Has Some DARK SECRETS Hidden In Plain Sight. Did you notice these surprising bombshells?
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Sony Pictures just released a sneak peek for their upcoming threequel, “Hotel Transylvania 3” and it is pretty awesome. The trailer already showed us that the Dracula family and their monster friends were going on vacation, on a cruise ship. But the sneak peek gave us even more fun details for the movie, and fans can’t wait to see it..
We watched the trailer and sneak peek very closely, and we found some hidden secrets in the new movie that we can’t wait to share. We found some serious WTF bombshells, you guys. If you’re “Hotel Transylvania” fans, you’re mind is about to be fully blown. We found an easter egg in the “HT” puppy short from last year that revealed a big detail in “Hotel Transylvania 3.” And you’re not going to believe the reference we found to a major trilogy that we found in the trailer. Watch until the end to find out what it is..
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I love that part when Johnny and Dennis say “boooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!”

by Hannah Gilman 2 years ago

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE x100 make a hotel Transylvania 4!!!!!!!

by Eustacia’s World 2 years ago

How to start a internet fight...
1. Make a comment
2. Wait....

by Mallorie Spears 2 years ago


by Betty Yu 2 years ago

Erika can't be her mom because her mom died in the beginning of hotel Transylvania 1

by Teaira Tybrea 2 years ago

This movie was amazing! Like it you agree! 😊

by Katherine Snell 2 years ago

It looks like "The Titanic," and it's name is "The Legacy..." Y'all understand? The Titanic Legacy? Anyone? Just me? Ok....I'll go to my corner now...

by Sydney Parsons 2 years ago

Maybe the ships and planes crashed in the Bermuda Triangle because of evil singing mermaids😏😎😂😅🤣JK

by Mixed Mashed potato 2 years ago

Is no one going to laugh at the “I’m not into tentacles” joke?

by Its Fred I guess 1 year ago

Gremlin air and Ryan air what’s the difference really?

by Mr Eclipse 2 years ago

My favorite part of the trailer is when blobby puked a child. 😂😊😊😊

by baby cakes 2 years ago

Some also say the boat look like the queen Mary also.

by Ethan Ha 2 years ago

When Dracula said he wanted a date and it said the date was Friday, July 13 that means it was Friday the 13

by Emerson Jackson 1 year ago

The fish servants were made when Abraham Van Helsing tried to mimic Dracula’s
shapeshifting powers

by hannah prewitt 1 year ago

At seconds, it also makes a dark reference to Friday the 13th horror movie. There's one for you.

by Tonka Hamilton 2 years ago

Nothing to say about this but in the teen titans movie there making I wanted to say teen titans go is not worthy of the villain SLADE teen titans yes teen titans go nope

by Dragon Princess 2 years ago

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