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10 Mind Blowing Hidden SECRETS In The US Dollar

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10 Secrets in the United States 1$ bill you never noticed.
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Have you ever wondered what are some of the symbols on the dollar bill? What do the Roman numerals mean at the bottom of the pyramid? From American Eagle, the All-Seeing Eye, and the pyramid, to the serial numbers, a secret owl, and September 11 conspiracy theories, these are some of the most mind-blowing secrets in the US dollar!
Let’s start with the American Eagle, a symbol of beauty and longevity. Pay attention to what the eagle is holding. The thirteen arrows represent thirteen original American colonies at war, and the olive branch represents peace. There’s even a secret behind the positioning of the arrows and the olive branch!.
The All-Seeing Eye is a very controversial element on the dollar bill. While some claim it holds religious beliefs and acts as a cap for the unfinished pyramid, but many see the triangle as an Illuminati sign. Wait until you see some of the other Illuminati connections on the dollar bill!.
The unfinished pyramid is also a symbol of strength and duration of the country, as well as the future expansion and neverending growth. The thirteen steps represent the original thirteen colonies, but have you ever noticed the Roman numerals at the bottom of the pyramid? It holds even more mind-blowing secrets you’ve never known before..
From conspiracy theories, September 11 references, Illuminati symbolism in the All-Seeing Eye, and secret owls to the meaning of serial numbers and more, these are some of the most mind-blowing secrets in the US dollar!
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Masons worship the light bearer, Lucifer

by Mr KnowItAll 4 months ago

Here’s one word to explain the whole thing


by BJ Playz 1 year ago

US Dollar is the best proof that US America is a Masonic state.

by Rus17 1 year ago

Yeah the 'all seeing eye' is Gods alright but, it's not the god you're thinking of... It's their 'so called god' Lucifer! Same god the Vatican worships as well!

by Josey Wales 1 year ago

The "Owl" is the Icon of the Bohemian Grove Secret Society. Supposedly every president of our nation
was a member of this satanical society.

by Donald Shapiro 2 years ago

or it could mean the 13 bloodlines

by Joesuks 1 year ago

Also u can fold it's only the new 20's that if u gold them the opposite direction of the towers it shows the pentagon burning in the middle

by Cara Stout 6 months ago

resemblance the Gmail logo.

by G Adams 2 years ago

It's the spider that made all the webbing that's all over the bill

by rmhartman 1 year ago

The hexagon is a satanic symbol ??? I think they are mistaking it for the pentagram !!

by Bart Nelis 2 years ago

The meaning behind a owl it interesting to me

by Prince Fortune 10 months ago

The Great Seal also has a striking resemblance to the African Symbol of Heru/ Horus which is 5000 years older than the Great Seal.. So evidently they used it as a model for their creation..

by Peter Washington 2 weeks ago


by Max Brown 2 years ago

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