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Next Episode (Month 5): September 24th, 2018
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Written By
David D. Tinsley (tinbridge_prod)
Directed by
David D. Tinsley (tinbridge_prod)
Javicia Leslie (javicia)
Marcus Dupree (marcusdupreegwm)
Produced by
David D. Tinsley (tinbridge_prod)
Bridget Tinsley (doublemint9)
Co-Produced by
Javicia Leslie (javicia)
Marcus Dupree (marcusdupreegwm)
Associate Produced by
Keyon Johnson (blackwealthmafia)
Cinematography by
David D. Tinsley (tinbridge_prod)
Edited by
David D. Tinsley (tinbridge_prod)
Music by
President Clinton (president_clint)
Talibah Safiya (magicmamii)
Joonie (jooniezone)

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This has just gotten more complicated....
Sex during a break up can be catastrophic.... And AWESOME!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Question Marcus should have asked himself was what triggered her to show up after being so distant at beauty store? Was she just horny and buzzed and wanted familiar touch? Does she truly want to try again? One thing for sure in these situations is sex doesn't give clarity.... Just gives release....
We have all been there....
What makes us human and what makes your subject matter relatable....

Looking forward to finding out what caused the breakup......

Great episode......

by Brotha BLINK 1 year ago

Another excellent episode!!! The chemistry between the actors is on point.

by Lawrence Maclin 1 year ago

If she donโ€™t go home๐Ÿ™„

by Ashley Hope 1 year ago

claude have mercy. that ending got me like whoa!!!!! I think I need to go for a walk lol

by Sandi F 1 year ago

Great show! Hope they get back together. Marcus seem to be sincere about losing J!

by Rashaunda Pride 1 year ago

Iโ€™m so mad she went over there

by YonnieSays 1 year ago

If this isnโ€™t a dream, this is a very bad idea.

by Drenna Armstrong 1 year ago

God this is so intense reminds me of Mona. A girl to this day that still has me twisted inside to the point I question what my life's all about

by batman77ism 1 year ago

The scene in the bedroom is giving me chills! ๐Ÿ˜ป

by Yvonne Antonio 1 year ago

What the neck happened 2 cause the breakup!!?????

by Danielle K 1 year ago

When its over, its over! Some people dont get it! No we cant be friend's either!

by K Moore 1 year ago

That ending!! I was like oh snaps its about to go down!!

by Victoria Johnson 1 year ago

Why did she go over there... to get laid!

by Cupcakes_01 1 year ago

Loving this series โค๏ธ Hopefully things work out between them

by Keturah Renee 1 year ago

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