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Easiest Self-haircut 2020 | How to Cut Your Own Hair

Tips for Clips - Haircutting photo 1 Easiest Self-haircut 2020 | How... Tips for Clips - Haircutting photo 2 Easiest Self-haircut 2020 | How... Tips for Clips - Haircutting photo 3 Easiest Self-haircut 2020 | How... Tips for Clips - Haircutting photo 4 Easiest Self-haircut 2020 | How...

1 minute of silence for all the Barbers who keep losin clients to this tutorial. 🤫🤔

by Pepito Clavo 1 clavito 4 months ago

Tried it. Looks like lockdown increase for me for more three months.

by rohit more 4 months ago

Unfortunately my quarantine just got extended after attempting to do this for the first time.

by Bo Han 1 month ago

My back part looked like my barber sneezed when he's trying trim it

by Rafi Idzuddin 4 months ago

Love this guy!! Literally because of this guy started cutting my own hair and all my family were shocked because how good the fade looked, last weekend I gave all my male family members haircuts by following these steps and it came out great!! Thanks brother!! Keep up the great work!!

by Soroush Yazdani 4 months ago

Anyone else here cause their not gonna have a choice here soon lmao

by mike nemshick 4 months ago

This is the best haircut tutorial I've seen. I appreciate you explaining the open and closed guards. You keep it simple. Part your hair. Use a 4 guard to shave up to your part and use a lower guard for each inch you go down to your ears. Thanks dude.

by VinceFS 4 months ago

Cutting hair is such an art and a stress reliever lol i realised this as i cut my hair first time during this quarantine

by basicsurfer08 4 months ago

Going to cut my kids hair tomorrow wish me luck 🤣

by Yazmeen Makeup 3 months ago

This is the best beginners' hair cutting tutorial on YT, and I've been through hundreds. He starts with a #4 straight up to blend the top, which anyone can do, and then slowly transitions down to a #1. My barber does the same. It is hard to mess up #2-4 since no skin is visible, just be careful with the smaller guards. Most other tutorials here have you starting from a bald line and working up, or playing with the taper lever 4-5 times during the fade (half way open, 3/4 open, etc.), or something else ridiculous.

by N M 4 months ago

You can count how many dislikes... I mean barbers, have watched this tutorial

by Ed B 4 months ago

professionally narrated video on the self-haircut.

by joel rochow 1 day ago

Barbershop owners are probably scared of this self hair cut thing. Because people are getting better at it, thanks to youtube videos.

by Shiny Heart 4 months ago

Every local barber would like to know your location

by Zachary Wagner 1 month ago

This guy is the goat I used the video before at the end of the bottom left. I’ll Never get another haircut thanks bro $$$

by Matthew Heilman 4 months ago

Dude you literally just saved my life 🤣 I gave up waiting another month for a haircut as I'm looking more and more like a caveman (last haircut was in January, didn't have time to go before lockdown). Just received my clippers today, and man I will go to town following this tutorial!

by Yann LL 3 months ago

I wish I watched this video just before I clipped my own hair lmao

by Liam Atkinson 4 months ago

i literally did this to my hair a couple of days back after a lot of planning on my own, and here it is sitting on my suggestions, anyway imma suggest an edit, use a thinning scissor rather than the normal ones

by Naveen Manoharan 1 month ago

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