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America’s Cheapest Mother | Extreme Cheapskates

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Utah housewife Jordan manages to only spend $1400 a month for her family of five by rationing everything and asking her neighbors for their leftovers.
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So she can get her hair done, buy nice makeup and wear a fancy dress. But can’t give her children a whole bowl of Cheerios. Honestly 🙄

by charlotte12 1 month ago

This is horrible. She could cut out her makeup and hair stuff to feed her kids more

by Jewel Navarrette 3 weeks ago

once those kids taste actual apple juice, they are literally gonna pass out idk

by Aleeshah Sohail 3 weeks ago

her kids are going to have eating disorders no doubt about it.

by Lily Alnwick 3 weeks ago

Imagine what that boy is gonna say when he goes over to someone's house for a sleepover and gets a WHOLE Bowl of Cheerios

by Jakob Scales 5 months ago

Its saying “your ready for your 2 LINES OF WAFFLES!?” so proudly for me

Ty for the likes :)

by n a t s u 4 weeks ago

If you can afford damn jewelry and fancy clothes and you can’t even let your kids have toilet paper. You BARELY qualify as a mother.

by MIA DANYLUK 3 weeks ago

Why does every cheap skate have a nice ass house but everything else is garbage

by your name 2 weeks ago

I mean she’s literally starving her kids but she’s spending like all her money on her hair,clothes and makeup

by Isabel E 2 weeks ago

Imagine having explosive diarrhea and your wife won’t give you more than 4 pieces of toilet paper.

by Tomm Hank 8 months ago

Look at the husband's face, he's so tortured.

by kangkinkang 1 week ago

"The neighbors might think we're crazy"
No they'll think YOU'RE crazy

by JustVibin 1 month ago

She's teaching her kids how to have an eating disorder!! This is sick.

by Priscilla Spangler 2 weeks ago

Imagine if one of them ate Taco Bell and they only have 4 sheets of toilet paper...

by Oprah Winfrey 2 weeks ago

I would rather have a smaller house, less clothes, less make-up so I can feed my children...

by Sarah Shon 6 months ago

What the heck! That is just not healthy! She is literally not feeding her children enough, and they are little! Let me just say she does not even LOOK like a "cheap" mom! A nice fancy dress, her hair looks like she just came out of the stylist, and her make up looks nice enough! But she can't feed her own kids more than 14 Cheerios? PLEASE! It's one thing if you want to help the environment and cut back on using a lot of toilet paper, but only 4 little sheets? What happens if they have to go number 2!?

by Payton Theile 1 week ago

“Little extreme...” no honey, no. These kids will have eating disorders, and if they have explosive diarrhea and crap then you only get 2 pieces of toilet paper, like what?! And “Jordan” can buy makeup, jewelry, get her hair done, and crap like that but won’t let her kids have more than 12 Cheerios?!!! That’s so awful

by Kels 1 day ago

It's the making the neighbors feel awkward AF while asking for their food, yet living in a million dollar home for me.

by CourtneyElizabethhh 3 weeks ago

did she just say 12 cheerios, 3 LINES of waffles, and bacon is only for CHIRSTMAS??? im done with this family wtf is this?

by alexis luke 2 weeks ago

"I want a divorce"

"Actually, that's not in our budget"

by HairyFetus7 1 month ago

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