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10 Most Unbelievable Things Found Underwater

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10 Most Unbelievable Things Found Underwater
People fear the ocean, and with good reason. We know little of what lies beneath the waves. Ironically, some discoveries, instead of calming us with knowledge, adds more to our terror. Today, we will be
looking at 10 terrifying discoveries made in the deep ocean. Make sure you stay tuned until number one, that discovery should serve as a warning to us all.
Number 10. The Islands of Gondwana
Earth once had a supercontinent called Gondwana. During an international effort to map the Perth
Abyssal Plain in the Indian Ocean, scientists located two submerged islands one mile below the surface.
Almost as big as Tasmania, they were the “micro-continents” that connected India and Australia before
the two divorced.
Researchers only became aware that there were micro-continents beneath them when the common
basalt rocks they were expecting to find turned out to be continental stone with fossils. The Gondwana
pieces that once glued continents together became islands when the Indian and Australian coasts
moved further apart. When fully studied, these micro-continents will change established beliefs about
how plate tectonics broke apart the pieces that became India, Australia, and Antarctica.
Now, you might be asking “what’s so terrifying about a couple of submerged islands?”. Well, the earth
kind of has a habit of shifting things around once it gets bored of the current land layout. These islands
were submerged due to violent movements of the earth’s crust, giving rise to the world as we know it
today. The thing is, this relic from the past will be our inevitable future. If that isn’t terrifying, then I
don’t know what is.
Number 9. The Real Kraken
The kraken is a terrifying creature of legend that sailors in the past greatly feared. According to old
stories, the kraken has the capability of sinking entire ships by wrapping its long tentacles around them.
Then, as the ship capsized, it feasted leisurely on the drowning sailors. Like with all legends, this has a
basis of truth around it, and the creature behind the legend, although haven’t sank any ships yet, still
has the potential to do so.
Experts all agree that the kraken of legend stemmed from 2 massive animals of the deep; the giant squid
and the colossal squid. Both animals are absolutely huge, with some specimens measured at an
outstanding 45 feet long, easily big enough to capsize a small boat if they feel like it.
The thing is, scientists think that they can still grow bigger, much bigger. As these magnificent animals
are deep sea dwellers, they are seldom seen in the wild. The few specimens that made it to the ocean
surface are thought to be juveniles as well. In their native deep sea habitat, no one really knows how big
they can get. If there’s one thing that would indicate how big they can be, just imagine this; they
regularly duke it out with sperm whales and blue whales; two of the largest animals of the sea. Whale
specimens have been observed covered with scars that were unmistakably from a squid’s tentacle, a
really big squid.
Number 8. The Remnants of a Dead Star
A long time ago, a star exploded, and pieces ended up in the Pacific Ocean. It wasn’t just any old twinkle
that went poof but rather a catastrophic Type II supernova. Mammoth stars that go supernova eject
iron-60 during their violent deaths. German researchers were drilling in the Pacific when they found the
element with an interesting twist: It was observed in the remains of a magnetic bacteria.
The iron-60 arrived 2.7 million years ago and rained down over the course of 800,000 years. The
bacteria, which have magnetic crystals inside of them, apparently snacked on the stellar iron. Their
fossilized remains still contain the iron-60, which is too young for Earth. That is how researchers knew its
origins to be extraterrestrial, most likely from a supernova explosion within 50 light-years of the Sun.
Any ancient iron-60 that originated on Earth is long gone.
Now think about this; if alien bacteria made its way to earth before, what’s stopping them from coming
again? Supernovas have been exploding all round us for millions of years, what if they bring some form
of alien life that wipes us all out?
Number 7. Prehistoric Sharks
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