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6 YouTubers Who Broke WORLD RECORDS In Fortnite! (Tfue, Ninja & More!)

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6 YouTubers Who Broke WORLD RECORDS In Fortnite! (Tfue, Ninja & More!) - Streamers Breaking Every Fortnite World Record!
Discord: https://discord.gg/Cg8bxqq
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Trend Spot photo 1 6 YouTubers Who Broke WORLD... Trend Spot photo 2 6 YouTubers Who Broke WORLD... Trend Spot photo 3 6 YouTubers Who Broke WORLD... Trend Spot photo 4 6 YouTubers Who Broke WORLD...

If this like button is blue u remember purple tac

by Rafi 1 year ago

Only people that remember dusty depot can like this

by Leaf Nayzz 1 year ago

Lachlan,lazerbeam,alezace,and mrfreshasian have the squads most squad kills in a game with 64 kills

by H1gh0ct4ne 565 1 year ago

lachlan and lazarbeam alexace and mrfreshasian got the most squad kills

by Solidmeat 1 year ago

This man broke the record for having a non broken voice for the longest amount of time ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Frogster 7778 1 year ago

Thatโ€™s no world record of tfue and lachy got 64 kills of a squad

by Sashimi Rollin 1 year ago

Lazarbeam broke the world record for most kills 12 kills

by Crystal Barnett 1 year ago

how can he reload when he has no bullet

by SuperAaryan 1 year ago

โ€œ54 kills, thatโ€™s not that badโ€ R U OK IM HAPPY AT 8 KILLS

by hi1 Five 1 year ago

The first one was the most kills in one minute.
The time he got was one minute and ten seconds

by Sarah David 1 year ago

The guy whose talking not him sounds like the leader of project zorgo

by Terrie Arsenault 1 year ago

me. just me when i talk

by BoomerG 1 year ago

Me: tries to stream 24hour

Ps4 i am sleepy shuts down

Me: i gave up xbox for you

by korey vortex 1 year ago

You must love tfue he's in EVERY thumbnail

by Haunsolo 1 year ago

My squad got 62 kills and when I watched you the first of me watching you I got legendary scars in one game

by Narayan Bagha 6 months ago

Im so upset he forgot lazarbeam

by paw paw 1 year ago

Whoโ€™s a ruffle biscuit ๐Ÿช
Tfue is the dough
Ninja is the chocolate


by Spartan Ham-1226 1 year ago

Nate Hill "I Love DJ Yonders Their So Cute" Quote Of The Video

by Quikk 1 year ago

I did in 3 seconds you're my fav YouTube

by That1 Boi 1 year ago

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