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7 Players Who Got *INSTANT KARMA* In Fortnite! 😂

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7 Players Who Got *INSTANT KARMA* In Fortnite!
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I was playing a game of solo and this guy killed the other guy and started L dancing on him then I sniped him and ended up winning

by Derek Abernathy 4 months ago

in the next five seconds if you give this video a like you will have luck for ten years
My wife:wants a divorce
Me:wow this really works😂

by joshua soto 1 year ago

Ninja got killed “stream snipering”

by Juan Robles 1 year ago

"No skins" OR just ppl who don't wanna waste money on skins

by Jhules Marcos 1 year ago

Default Skin People Start Bulliyng ,,Ninja"

by Joshep Wrld 1 year ago

When you said 5 second like challenge I hear the
Front door open my mom said

Mom:come on you going to the dentist
Me: ....
Me : bad luck

by シsmilesシMaybe mood シ 1 year ago

Story: i played squads my friend dead and then i got knocked down 2 more friends danced on me then 1 guy came on them and kill them nice

by xox_ Pat 1 year ago

My friend was a no skin he played for a year but he had no skins because he didn’t buy any

by Jason Gomez 5 months ago

*4 ads
*Ninja in thumbnail getting pissed
*10 minutes long

by Breezy 1 year ago

The last digit of that number is the player you are

1. THE EMOTER (This player has two absolute favourite parts of the match. The beginning, when everyone is in the lobby and they can show off their expensive emotes to their friends. And the very end winning a victory royale, when they can dance and emote, and ride that wave of victory.)
2. THE NOOB (You’ll see them, in every match, running around, getting themselves killed, revealing their squad’s location with unnecessary gunfire, getting their squad killed.)
3. THE OUTSIDER (The Outsider plays right on the edge of the map, always right on the edge of the storm, picking off enemies running desperately trying to escape the storm.)
4. THE STORM VICTIM (This is the player who never pays enough attention to the mini map and gets killed by the storm. They’re usually too preoccupied, caught up looting for some extra gear, or stalking an enemy to realise they are about to get swallowed in the dark blue terror of the storm.)
5. THE TAG-ALONG (These players, don’t know how to play Fortnite. They enjoy playing duos or squads, and tag-along with their team, trying to follow and replicate each and every move their squad makes, picking up leftover second grade loot, and not really contributing anything to the game.)
6. THE NOOB SNIPER (These players aspire to be like their YouTube idols. They see videos of people on YouTube making amazing long distance snipes, then jump in game themselves and try replicate that.)
7. THE RESOURCELESS BUILDER (these players dream of building the stairway to heaven, that construction that takes them all the way to the top of the map, the world, and their first ever victory royale! But, while they’re fantasising about their future glory, the fact that you need to actually collect materials to build might have accidentally slipped their mind. They usually run out of resources mid build, and, tragically, fall to their deaths.)
8. THE BAD STRATEGIST (the player who tries to organise their squad, gets everyone together and focussed on a shared objective, but always makes the wrong decisions.)
9. ME. RES ME!!! ( type of player who annoyingly goes and gets themselves killed out in the open, always thinking they know what they’re doing when they really have absolutely no idea. You’re not a pro, sorry. Anyway, then they start spamming their microphone asking for a revive or medic or res)
0. THE SWEAT (This player always have YT, YOUTUBE, TTV in front of their name, or even plays with streamer mode On. This player owns the soccer Skin and will build like crazy. Always doing 90s and trap killing everyone)

Also I post fornite content if anyone is kind enough to give me a chance. If not that's okay, have a bless day❤️❤️.

by JaySoRuthless 1 year ago

Once a player found a chest and started dancing and I shot it, it died 😂

by HelloItsShiri 6 months ago

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