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i shouldn't have let him do this..

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i shouldn't have let him do this.. i can't believe this..
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#funny #water #slide
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Trend Spot - why did i let him do this..
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Trend Spot photo 1 i shouldn't have let him... Trend Spot photo 2 i shouldn't have let him... Trend Spot photo 3 i shouldn't have let him... Trend Spot photo 4 i shouldn't have let him...

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by X-Treme Tester 8 months ago

These people are all insanely brave. Didn't see a single situation that would strike me as an attractive option for an off day...

by afterwork art 2 months ago

Ok so No body is going to talk about da Guy that was like AH AH AH AH AH WOO AH AH AH I thought he was a bird -3-

by Phillips Jaylynn 7 months ago

I hate how he says “somethings gonna happen” but nothing happens.😐

by PoisonIvory 7 months ago

Title:why did i let him do this...
Me:thats not even your friend..

by Nora Naduran 3 months ago

He's a pro. Don't try this!

Me: does it look like we’re gonna get ourselves into sticky situations

by Faith Federico 3 months ago

Also me: starts walking down the staircase while holding my bike

by Donkeyshrek 3 months ago

When it says “ don’t jump in puddles “ :me: what about little short ones TvT

by Kit Kat Editz 7 months ago

Me: scared of flys

These people: risking thief lives for fun

by Tanay Patel 7 months ago

The skier: speaks French at the end
Me: understands everything he says

by /L e g e n d\ 1 week ago

The most brave act one was the guy passing through the rock hole....

by Hassan 7 months ago

You don’t have to tell me not to try this at home I won’t Ain’t going to die today honey

by Maiyah’s rainbow Channel 3 months ago

"Is he gonna make it?"
Me: Yes, or you wouldn't show the footage

by Gage Stovall 5 months ago

The guy on the longest staircase in the world sounded like a motorbike

by Jacky Michaud 3 months ago

How is it gonna crawl my face you don’t know where I live how about that stop trying to scare us people will start disliking you

by SurgeC007 3 months ago

He was making those odd sounds to warn the people that he's coming there way I think

by Friendly Fire 4 months ago

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