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Pennywise Vs Groot - Cartoon Beatbox Battles

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Like this comment if you thought Pennywise won!!

by verbalase 1 week ago

Groot Vs Pennywise Lyrics:

Pennywise: Don't be afraid, because one day, Redrum, Redrum, look at you little Groot, you're about to become my new boots. Please don't run, let's have fun, you can play with my balloon. My little tree friend, this is the end. Even if you were to regrow your limbs, I'll burn them all down just like all your friends! Oh sorry was that to soon?

Groot: I am Groot, I am Groot, I am Groot, I am Groot. I am Groot, I am Groot, I am Groot, I am Groot, I am Groot.
Beatboxing While Saying "I am Groot"

by LightSoul 8 3 hours ago

theory: Deadpool says to vote groot because deadpool is probably either gonna face pennywise or groot, and he wants to make it easy

by Tennessean Productions 4 hours ago

The beginning of pennywise song sounds like a sonic boss

by Bruhiguess 20 hours ago

Imagine cussing out a content creator when you stole his content.

by King Creeper2564 19 hours ago

Like this comment if you thought Groot won!!

by verbalase 1 week ago

I'm surprised that people even liked grooot all he says is I am groot. On the other hand pennywise can actually beatbox! Why does Deadpool even like Groot? Like when will Groot say something else?

by Afia Muqaddas 14 hours ago

this for the poeple who wants see this beatbox right away

by JohnXRBX Gs 14 hours ago

Black Panther vs Sonic next finna be 🔥

by Just Cory 4 hours ago

I gotta go with Pennywise for this one he had that cold creepy flow

by ARACHNIDGUY 16 4 hours ago

I feel sad that even though he has less money still does cartoon beatbox battles for our entertainment. Respect for VERBALASE

by Lego freak Azlan 1 week ago

Hold up does groot know how to say other words or did he just learned a word. I am confused???🤔

by C.J. Hadley 9 hours ago

"Patrick seriously did not take things seriously"

by Andre Monteiro 19 hours ago

Noah:I know 4 nature things. The 4 nature things:Fire. Wind. Earth. and Water.

by beth rock 2 hours ago

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