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Police find tunnel inside KFC, stop cold when they realize who’s on the other side

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Viral Stories photo 1 Police find tunnel inside KFC,... Viral Stories photo 2 Police find tunnel inside KFC,... Viral Stories photo 3 Police find tunnel inside KFC,... Viral Stories photo 4 Police find tunnel inside KFC,...

These tunnels are Not just about drugs. They are about human trafficking

by Tina Doty 1 month ago

I always go straight to the comments to find out story rather than listen to this guy pontificate on and on.

by Megan Forrester 1 month ago

Ex-KFC building - Near Mexican Border - Tunnel Found - Used to smuggle drugs/humans - End of Story

by Antony Faulkner 7 months ago

Oh for Christ's sake. You could tell this whole story on a BUMPER STICKER!!

by Mike S 3 months ago

I thought that he was going to say that they found Colonel Sanders. Lol 😂

by bobkloth57 3 weeks ago

Man, you need to stop rambling and get to the point quicker .....geez!

by BluesBeforeBreakfast 3 months ago

You need to get to the point quicker and stick to it and not take so long.

by Dan Kinney 7 months ago

You know its going to be long and drawn out bullskit when you hear his voice.

by The Real LA Reid 6 months ago

What a hellish waste of words and people's time.

by corryjookit 7 months ago

These "Viral Stories" videos could easily be condensed by 50%. This one is no exception!

by chippledon1 6 months ago

Start filling those tunnels with concrete so they can never be cleaned out and used again.

by John McMickle 1 month ago

I hear this dudes voice, I go right to the comments to find the summery.
Thanks to all who saved me 8 min

by Anthony Alexander 2 weeks ago

This guy could turn, I'm going to the store into a fifteen minute story.

by roomwithapointofview 6 months ago

"What's wrong with you man I say you he in Mexico"

by Exalted Marauder 2 months ago

these vids are like those those clickbait screens you have to get through and then giving up before coming to the end of the story.

by William Wonder 3 months ago

I’m guessing they found some type of Colonel inside... or maybe a Sander shaping the wooden supports?
Wait just a minute! 🤔

by John J. Rambo 6 months ago

When you put so many pictures completely unrelated to the story, such as d NYPD car, it makes you question if this whole story is even authentic at all or simply made up.

by Jose Viveiros 2 weeks ago

How many people who think this story is toooo long has worked for the KFC? raise your hands ✋

by phiddle phart 6 months ago

It was owned by “EL SHORTY” LOL 😂

by Luis G 2 weeks ago

Can you imagine being on a road trip with this guy

by m graves 5 months ago

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