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6 Chilling REINCARNATED CHILDREN STORIES | Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives

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The thought of reincarnation terrifies some people and pleases others. Personally I hate the thought of having to relive an entire life all over again, it not only scares me but it mentally exhausting just to think about. Judging by some of our stories you can end up in the same culture doing the same things, so where is your lives lesson in that. It makes it seem that Iโ€™m going back onto a treadmill, that I cannot get off. Weโ€™ve discovered some 6 astonishing reincarnation tales, some which will give you hope, whilst others are surrounded by disturbing circumstances.
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Weird World photo 1 6 Chilling REINCARNATED CHILDREN STORIES... Weird World photo 2 6 Chilling REINCARNATED CHILDREN STORIES... Weird World photo 3 6 Chilling REINCARNATED CHILDREN STORIES... Weird World photo 4 6 Chilling REINCARNATED CHILDREN STORIES...

The only things that I don't like about reincarnation is the fact that I have to go trough my school exams all over again. All the rest is fine.

by Cristiana Nicolae 1 year ago

These kids remember their past lives. I can't even remember what I was doing 30mins ago

by Elisa Camou 1 month ago

My mom passed away suddenly this year. I kinda hope my mom chooses me to be her mother when I have children.

by Colleen Heath 7 months ago

What if babie's can't speak because they know all the mysteries in life and they're not aloud to tell anyone but when they forget they can speak?! ๐Ÿ˜•

(please don't hate, everyone has there own opinion that's just mine) ๐Ÿ’•

by S U N F L O W E R 1 year ago

Why do some people find reincarnation scary? Iโ€™d rather be reincarnated then be in complete darkness for all eternity.

by R ozco 2 years ago

The way Iโ€™m living my life, Iโ€™ll be reincarnated into a PetSmart goldfish in no time

by Spencer K 2 years ago

I'm still waiting for the child who will choose me as a mother. Hoping that it will happen soon.

by Isabela Macavei 8 months ago

What if right now is a dream and when you die is when you actually wake up....๐Ÿค”

by TaraLynn Maslowski 1 year ago


by Hassan Ally 1 year ago

I donโ€™t know why people are afraid of reacarnation .My biggest fear is that thereโ€™s nothing after death.The thought of a endless cycle is confirting to me.And I always think it would be cool to see future events

by Zackary Hill 2 years ago

instead of being reincarnated i'd choose to be an angel. Watching over everyone...

by april evora 1 year ago

These aren't chilling, they're uplifting, I'd love to think that death isn't the end for us. Reincarnation is better than nothingness, or being a 'ghost'.

by vogonsrock 1 year ago

Sometimes I dream in French. I have since I was a girl. I sometimes answer in French without thinking. I English is my native language and I donโ€™t speak French, nor does anyone I know.

I am now doing Duo Lingo French and I really donโ€™t know French! Lol

Not saying it was a past life, but I always find it odd when it happens.

by Stephanie Lynn 1 year ago

how come everyone gets reincarnated into the same country? if im reincarnated I want to be in a different place completely.

by Lynnea Trujillo 1 year ago

Just think about it.. If this is real we are reincarnated. Imagine seeing a โ€œStrangerโ€ walking by and it being your past parents.. Thats just- I donโ€™t even know

by Wurood Hameed 1 year ago

Being reincarnated is not scary, instead it's a chance to relive the beautiful life & trying to correct the mistakes..

by Sohini Sarkar blogs 1 year ago

In Hinduism we strongly believe reincarnation & there are so many incidents which proves it is true fact

by Ashok RK 8 months ago

When I was 2 years old I told my parents my past life that I was in the civil war and I was shot in the stomach and stabbed in the back of the neck in full detail and I gave my parents past life name and they searched it online for people that died during the civil war and the name was correct and that he was shot in the stomach and was killed by a knife in the neck and I have a birthmark on my neck

by Lemon Lime 1 year ago

All the Hindus watching this, sitting smug with a 'Didn't I say that' face๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜

by Scurryfunge 1 year ago

Imagine after death and you are gonna come back to a dying planet :(

by Mrs. Yooh 1 year ago

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