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What If You Jumped Into Lake Natron?

#documentaries #phenomenon #Tasmanian lake #what if earth #Science & Technology
Have you ever heard of Medusa? The snake-haired greek monster who turns people to stone with a single glance? Well, she might just be a myth, but there is an area so deadly that it could actually turn you to stone. The infamous Lake Natron. What makes Lake Natron's water so dangerous? What kind of creatures live there? Could you survive if you fell in?
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#what happens if #lake natron #what if you jumped into lake natron #flamingo flocking grounds #reflective lake #natron lake #what if #Egyptian mummification #toxic waters #possible scenario #stone birds #scifi #mix of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate #science documentary #toxic lake #what if scenario #the deadliest lake on earth #mysteries

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by What If 4 months ago

Medusa has to be the sexiest woman in history

one look and you are rock hard

by Morningstar 4 months ago

“What if you jump into the deadliest lake in the world?”

Me: Lets not.

by Takaishi Sakuragi 2 months ago

"What if you jumped into lake natron?"

Short answer: you die

Long answer: you die, painfully

by Aureus Knighstar 2 weeks ago

I love how this channel just teaches us things better than school does

by NinaLisa LoveBTS! 4 months ago

I’m jumping in Lake Natron now, thanks for the information

by aki 2 months ago

“Sixty degrees!
Enough to cause third degree burns!”
Me, a Floridian: Pathetic.

by Admiral Digi 2 months ago

“What if you jump into the deadliest lake in the world”

The answer is literally in the sentence

(The word was “deadliest” so basically, you’ll die)

by Shivika Chintanippu 1 month ago

oh I didn’t know that the pilot was a toddler-

by Sunflower vibes 2 months ago

“What kind of creature live there”


by Wyatt Connelly 3 months ago

Schools = "We have the best teaching skills ever!"
What If = " Hold my information!!"
Schools = ........

by The Unique Monbebe 1 month ago

love how as soon as they say "extremely alkaline" they show a clip of acidic pH results on litmus paper 🙄

by Emma 3 months ago

I was going to school for 10 years and never heard of this..

by AquaPr Edits 3 months ago

anyone learned more things in youtube than in school?

by Eugenia wong 1 week ago

me: peacefully watching
brain: throw my body in that lake when I die

by Dark MarkiPie 1 week ago

Us and some birds: This lake is dangerous
Flamingos: meh. I can handle it :|

by Beach Wolf YouTube 3 months ago

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