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Naya Rivera's Body Recovered From Lake Piru - EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!

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Glee star Naya Rivera is confirmed dead at 33, after a search and rescue team recovered her body from Lake Piru following a boating accident late last week which left her missing. The actress reportedly drowned trying to swim back to the boat she rented with her 4-year-old son Josey after the wind picked up, causing choppy water making it difficult for Rivera to return to the unanchored boat as it drifted away.

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#actress #drowned #Naya Rivera

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So far 2020 has been one of the saddest years in a long time. God bless Naya's family and especially her son.. R.I.P. angel.

by Max Mason 6 days ago

God Naya fought till the end to save her son. She died a hero. May she rest in peace. Prayers to Naya her baby boy Josey and to the Rivera family Amen and God Bless.🙏💙

by MzFaithluvly 5 days ago

2020 is the WORST YEAR EVER.

by Karl M 5 days ago

Omg 2020 is such a bad year so many people passed away this year R.I.P. Naya rest easy🙏

by Brina Lee 5 days ago

Its not the year...Its the humans on earth .the devil satan has captured the mimd of all propple with bad wrondoings ...God is Aamargedon

by cynthia chang 3 days ago

May she Rest In Peace with Kobe and his daughter and all the others killed from covid

by Alexis GRAY 2 days ago

It sounds so stupid but i just cannot wrap my head around Naya being gone, like how she went onto the dock alive and came back dead. Rip beautiful girl💔💔

by Hollie Egan 2 days ago

RIP ...i wish God will embrace her spirit and soul in piece..and her family can give a proper closure .

by Yusmaliani Sudjana 5 days ago

This whole story leaves me heartbroken for her family her friends her son. I just don't understand it why she didn't have a life vest on. I'll watercraft you have to wear a life vest I'm sure they told her that. May you rest in peace

by Lillian Brugone 3 days ago

Her best chance was to swim to shore while she still had the strength and get help better then hang on till she couldn't, u can rest in between till u get to shore if u hang on eventually your gonna get tired then panic then drown,but she didn't wan a leave her son and that decision took her life.

by Rick Ricardo 4 days ago

And now remember the song that she used to sang in Glee. “If I die young bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song”. So she died young and in water

by Scottish Soul 5 days ago

The love and strength of a mother.

by Erica G 5 days ago

They say celebrities die in three's and in last few day's we had Naya Rivera, John Travolta wife, Kelly Preston and Lisa Presley's son took his life.

by kinster02 5 days ago

I am very sad for her son and her family. It is hard not growing up with a parent.
I hope she is somewhere better and not having to be in any pain that 2020 has brought all of us.

by Stranger Pilots 5 days ago

When she left that day with her Son she went to the right side of the lake. Why did they take her body all they to the opposite side of the lake?🤔

by Sylvia Urdiales 1 days ago

So many celebrity had die this year😞 Everybody say glee got cursed it not. She just mean to die soon. Cory spirit will be with her and she would not feel sad and lonely anymore. Rest in peace Naya😢

by my stephenjames 5 days ago

Please say a prayer to Naya and know she is a hero. She saved her son’s life to keep him safe what true a hero. God please keep Naya Rivera safe she’ll be loved and missed. I’ll be sending all of my love and prayers for her families and friends. RIP Naya Rivera!!

by Rachel Stapleton 3 days ago

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