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Fivio Foreign, Calboy, 24kGoldn and Mulatto's 2020 XXL Freshman Cypher

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Watch Fivio Foreign, Mulatto, Calboy and 24kGoldn's 2020 XXL Freshman cypher.
Beat produced by Jetsonmade.
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Credits, Directed by travissatten.
Produced by ritemediagroup.
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XXL photo 1 Fivio Foreign, Calboy, 24kGoldn and... XXL photo 2 Fivio Foreign, Calboy, 24kGoldn and... XXL photo 3 Fivio Foreign, Calboy, 24kGoldn and... XXL photo 4 Fivio Foreign, Calboy, 24kGoldn and...

Fivio: โ€œIโ€™ll catch it if she throw it to meโ€ mans looked at Mulato๐Ÿ˜‚

by Deadass 2 weeks ago

When you get surprised and this cypher is actually fire

by RnBass 3 days ago

it hit different when 24k goldn complimented everyone

by chris Lindyy 1 week ago

fivioโ€™s โ€œgrr, bowโ€ was better than moseyโ€™s whole freestyle

by jay 1 week ago

I donโ€™t think anyone expected this to be the best cypher

by RoninKubie 1 week ago

Fivio backstage: so did you really mean what you said ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘

by Archie Leaks 2 weeks ago

5minutes after the cypher:

Fivo: so what up?

Mullato: I was just kidding...

by Patrick Da don 4 days ago

he looked at mullato when he said โ€œand i catch it if she throw it to meโ€

by Miah Frias 3 days ago

Fivio: โ€œand iโ€™ll catch it if she thow it to me ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘โ€

by Ellyse Parillon 1 week ago

I thought calboy was finna pull a yk osris

I was wrong he snapped

by Fuck Bitch 6 days ago

This actually goes so much harder than I expected it too

by HawksNest 2 weeks ago

lets be honest here, the beat is fire.

by c z 1 week ago

Me imaging pop smoke's verse is better than lil mosey's whole career

by Tinashe 1 week ago

Fivio won he was thinking about his lyrics as he was talking.

And he ain't use to those type of beats

by topshotta 1 week ago

Fivio bouncing to the beat was better than moseyโ€™s whole career

by Darius Wilson 6 days ago

Letโ€™s be honest 24 golden did way better than expected

by vhkt 2 weeks ago

Everyone during the cypher trailer: Calboy is gonna be wack this cypher
Calboy: Hold my demons shorty

by ะฅะฐvier Henry 2 days ago

These guys should hang out together their chemistry is natural

by R ลŒ N I N 1 week ago

Who wishes that they put the cyphers on Spotify

by Icey AK 1 week ago

The camera they got is crazy. Its worth all the money.

by IGS 1 week ago

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